With our extensive reach throughout the Heartland, Midwest Today is a cost-effective and smart choice for advertisers of all categories and sizes, from local to regional to national.

We have a unique 70/30 editorial-to-advertising ratio, (meaning you won't get lost amidst clutter), and you'll be impressed by our low CPM.

Besides subscriptions across a multi-state area, thousands of copies are placed directly in the rooms of numerous upscale hotels/motels, thus reaching an affluent audience that travels. These copies are seen by A LOT of people, due to the high turnover of the rooms, dramatically boosting our readers-per-copy ratio. Copies continue to be replenished in these hotels throughout the entire three month cycle between issues, giving you repeat exposures, and more selling time for just one low-cost ad!

Our advertisers are reputable and loyal. Join this prestigious list and see how Midwest Today can make a difference for your business!

Download a copy of our media kit in pdf format by clicking here. (1 mg file size)
or View online by clicking here.

After you've perused it, we hope you'll come back to this page and send our Advertising Director an email. Julie Jordan would be happy to answer any of your questions, mail you sample copies, and give you information on ad rates, editorial calendar, specs, etc. We of course pay 15% commission to recognized agencies.

Email Julie Jordan here.

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