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"The Midwest Today Radio Edition" is on the air! Based on the contents of each issue, our five-minute weekly broadcasts feature excerpts from our exclusive celebrity and newsmaker interviews, plus our columnists appear on a rotating basis, covering travel, the outdoors, sports and fitness, gardening, the law, politics, the internet, science, music and more. We also have letters from listeners.

Our show is broadcast on 48 AM and FM stations that reach at least 18 states in the American Heartland. In addition, we're heard on select National Public Radio Stations around the country.

Our show host is Gary Edwards.


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 Jan. 22


On the eve of Iowa's first-in-the-nation precinct caucuses, Gary Edwards has a report on what the Republican and Democratic candidates for President don't want you to know about them!

Jan. 15


Food writer Margaret Gideonsen stops by with a delicious recipe for Taco Soup, plus a bonus recipe you're sure to enjoy. And we have an essay on mid-Winter.

Jan. 8


Despite the fact that it's been a rather dry Winter so far region-wide, we're bound to get snow one of these days. So Midwest Today's outdoor editor Joel Koetke prepares us for cross-country skiing. Plus we tell you about a controversial new high-voltage power line project that's slated for the Upper Midwest.

Jan. 1


TOM BROKAW has written a sequel to his best-selling book on the Greatest Generation, and he talks about it on this installment of the Midwest Today Radio Edition!


 December 25

Attorney Tom Riley has a poignant story about a good man, and a good law. Plus Gary Edwards has a narrative on the meaning of Christmas.

Dec. 18

Food writer Margaret Gideonsen stops by to talk about giving the gift of food this season. Plus she has a recipe for Frosted Pecans. And Gary Edwards has an update on the famed McCaughey septuplets from Iowa, illustrating the risks of multiple-birth pregnancies.

Dec. 11

It's that time of year for holiday decorating. Midwest Today's garden editor Allen Boger tells us why live Christmas trees are an environmentally sound choice

Dec. 4

Travel editor Julia Kent takes us to "An Ozark Mountain Christmas." And Gary Edwards discusses a shocking new attempt by the Justice Dept. to broaden police powers to snoop into your computer files.

Plus more selected programs from the Archives...

MARCH 1999

 March 28


If you think Branson, Missouri is just for old-timers, think again. Travel editor Julia Kent says Branson is fun for kids, too and she takes us on a tour of the Heartland's entertainment mecca, which boasts more theater seats than Broadway.

March 21


Minnesota's new governor, JESSE VENTURA, continues to make headlines. And this week he's our guest, with some provocative things to say.

 March 14


Coming up this week on the Midwest Today Radio Edition, we cook corned beef for St. Patrick's Day when food writer Marilyn Harris stops by.

March 6


Famed Midwest attorney Tom Riley talks about wills. And we have an essay on March, based on the writings of HAL BORLAND.


 February 27


This week on the Midwest Today Radio Edition we profile JACK BENNY, one of America's most beloved comedians, who hailed from Waukeegan, Illinois.

February 20


Outdoor editor Joel Koetke takes us around to the sports shows and previews some of the new products sure to be of interest to outdoor enthusiasts.

 February 13


This week, we take a look at a man from the Heartland, who was one of the most revered figures in American history. Wayne Temple of the Illinois State Archives in Springfield talks about ABRAHAM LINCOLN.

 February 6


What can a gardener do at this time of year? Well, the focus is on houseplants when garden editor Allen Boger joins us on the next Midwest Today Radio Edition!


 January 29
This week, travel editor Julia Kent takes us to the Nebraska flyway, where each year millions of migrating birds stop off during their annual trek northward

 January 23


Attorney Tom Riley talks about the term "common law," plus we discuss a revolutionary new "light" treatment for the Winter blues.

 January 16
Clear Winter nights are perfect for gazing into the universe. On this installment of the Midwest Today Radio Edition, Gary Edwards talks with Stuart Eddins about telescopes and star gazing.

 January 9
How long has it been since you've gone snowmobiling? Our outdoor editor, Joel Koetke, talks about this popular sport.

 January 2, 1999
Have you made your New Years Eve plans for...1999? Midwest Today's travel editor, Julia Kent, tells how people are already making reservations to celebrate the new millineum!


 December 26


Our Christmas show. BILL AND GLORIA GAITHER from Indiana talk about the popularity of gospel music, plus we have holiday selections from their "homecoming" concerts.

 December 19


This week on the Midwest Today Radio Edition, Gary Edwards talks about Minnesota's controversial governor-elect, JESSE VENTURA. Plus Julie Jordan previews some holiday events around the Heartland.

 December 12


Though Winter is still officially a couple of weeks away, the temperature is dropping. Many outdoor enthusiasts are getting ready for another season of ice fishing. Joel Koetke gives us a preview of this increasingly popular sport.

 December 5


Did you know that Christmas trees are an environmentally sound choice? Our garden editor Allen Boger tells you why, plus he offers tips on how to choose the perfect tree.



November 28


There's already action on Midwest ski slopes. Travel editor Julia Kent talks about what the Heartland's ski resorts have to offer.

 November 21


As America's oldest tradition, Thanksgiving is a reaffirmation of our most cherished values. Gary Edwards reminds us that each of us can be an instrument of blessing. GLEN CAMPBELL sings "Come Harvest Time."

 November 14


Dr. Yvonne Karsten of Internet Connections in Mankato, Minn., has some tips on what she calls "net etiquette." And attorney Tom Riley discusses tort reform.

November 7


Remember actress SWOOSIE KURTZ from the hit TV series "Sisters"? This Omaha, Neb. native is Gary Edwards' guest on this installment of our radio edition.


 October 31


It's that time of year -- for ghosts and goblins and things that go "BUMP!" in the night. Julia Corbett has a spook-tacular report on Halloween. Plus Gary Edwards offers a poignant soliloquy about the approach of November, based on the writings of HAL BORLAND.

 October 24


More and more families are enjoying the unique pleasures of living in a log home. This week we talk with JIM BARNA, president of Barna Log Systems, one of the premier log home builders.

 October 17


Fall is a great time for fishing, according to our outdoor editor, Joel Koetke. Listen for a report on this week's radio edition. You'll also hear why a low-salt diet may be as dangerous as too much sodium.

 October 10


Autumn is upon us. Garden editor Allen Boger describes the process by which leaves change color, plus gives us a checklist of some late-season things to do in the garden.

 October 3
If you witness a crime, are you obligated to report it? Attorney Tom Riley talks about so-called "good Samaritan" laws. Also, Dr. Yvonne Karsten discusses the Internet as a fertile ground for ideas.


 September 26


Do Presidents have a right to privacy? Pulitizer prize-winning author and Presidential scholar DORIS KEARNS GOODWIN has some observations to share about the current scandal in Washington. She notes that even some of our greatest Chief Executives would not be able to withstand the sort of microscopic scrutiny to which the current occupant of the White House has been subjected.

 September 19


This week we have a sobering report on the plight of the elderly. The fact is, while we live in a country that has the world's greatest bounty, many of our senior citizens are going hungry. And new cutbacks in government funding and charitable giving are worsening the problem. Also, Dr. Yvonne Karsten stops by with some help for internet illiterates.

 September 12


Famed aviator AMELIA EARHART'S disappearance during an around-the-world flight is one of the enduring mysteries of World War II. Gary Edwards talks with expert Rick Gilespie, who heads a group that's made several trips to a Pacific island where Earhart and a companion are thought to have landed.

 September 5


Sen. JOHN GLENN, the first American to orbit the earth, is preparing to return to space this Fall on the Shuttle. The oldest astronaut at age 77, his flight will be a media event so major even Walter Cronkite is coming back to cover it for CNN! We have an interview with Glenn in this Midwest Today Radio segment.


 August 29


Everybody remembers the '70s pop group "The Captain and Tennille." TONI TENNILLE is taking over the role popularized by Julie Andrews in "Victor/Victoria" and touring all across the Heartland. She's our guest for a "live" interview with host Gary Edwards.

 August 22


Did you know there's still time to plant veggies for Fall harvest? Garden editor Allen Boger is along with help for those with green thumbs.

 August 15


Summer is on the wane, but you can still pack the kids in the car and head for a Midwest travel destination. Our travel editor, Julia Corbett, pays a visit to a travel destination that "Travel and Leisure" magazine rates as one of the Top 10 destinations in the world!

 August 8


Most people probably know CHRISTINE LAHTI from her appearance each week on the CBS medical drama "Chicago Hope." But her resume is a mile long. A native of Detroit, Christine is interviewed exclusively by Midwest Today and is on the cover of our Autumn 1998 issue.

 August 1


As he proves in this rare, in-concert performance never before broadcast on American radio, JIM REEVES had a voice destined to remain a favorite with generations of listeners. Despite being killed in a plane crash only five miles from home in 1964, the country legend's records continue to sell on a worldwide basis, garnering him gold and platinum awards and a faithful fan following. We interview MARY REEVES, CHET ATKINS, JERRY CLOWER and TANYA TUCKER in this very special tribute.

JULY 1998

 July 25


Looking for cool ways to spend your Summer vacation? Well, Kansas City, Mo. is one place to consider. From amusement parks to theater, baseball to jazz, you'll find it all there. Travel editor Julia Corbett is on the road and has our report.

 July 18


Well-known attorney Tom Riley talks about the basics of the law. Also, we discuss the controversy surrounding the big livestock feeding operations which are springing up around the Midwest and polluting the environment.

 July 11


Throughout the Heartland this Summer, there are number of Civil War re-enactments taking place, complete with authentic costumes, campsites and mock battles. Vicki Hughes, director of Usher's Ferry Historic Village in Cedar Rapids, Iowa talks about one such re-enactment. Plus Dr. Yvonne Karsten of Internet Connections in Mankato, Minn. has tips for children on navigating the Internet.

 July 4


You don't have to travel to New York or Chicago to see first-rate theater. Hidden away in a small Wisconsin town is a unique dinner theater that books top-name entertainers. Terri McCullow visits the Fireside Dinner theater. Also, Gary Edwards has an Independence Day tribute.

JUNE 1998

 June 27


With the advent of Summer, tomatoes are growing in home gardens. We tell you how to take care of them when garden editor Allen Boger stops by.

 June 20


Now that school is out, why not take the kids fly fishing? Sound like a crazy idea? Midwest Today publisher Larry Jordan tells you how to make it fun. Plus Dr. Yvonne Karsten talks about Internet via your cable TV.

 June 13


Sometimes it's fun to take the scenic route. Julie Corbett tells us all about her meanderings around Wisconsin along the dairy state's country byways.

 June 6


Fat may be good for you! Gary Edwards tells you why. And we take a trip to Traverse City, Michigan -- a vacationers' paradise with great golf, water sports, fine dining, top-name entertainment and assorted wineries. Tom Orin reports.

MAY 1998

 May 30


You may think you know entertainer MARIE OSMOND. But what she has to say may surprise you. She's no pollyanna -- she's a savvy businesswoman who has helped raise over $1 billion for pediatric children's hospitals. A fascinating interview.

 May 23


Trial by jury is under attack. Critics want to substitute a judge in place of a jury. Attorney Tom Riley tells why this is a bad idea. Also, Julie Jordan gives a preview of what's going on around the Heartland this Memorial Day weekend.

 May 17


Garden editor Allen Boger gives helpful advice on when to spray fruit trees, and talks about how El Nino-caused damage may even help the trees. Yvonne Karsten reviews some of the good things the Internet has to offer.

 May 10


Show host Gary Edwards has a fascinating interview with JEFF JOHNSON of the National Weather Service Office in Des Moines, Ia. They discuss tornadoes (an appropriate subject since May is the month of the biggest threat for these violent storms in "tornado alley.")

May 3


Wisconsin native JACK HORKHEIMER, host of the popular PBS series, "Star Hustler," talks about why so many spectacular meteors have been spotted lately and what danger they might pose.

APRIL 1998

 April 26


An interview with STONE PHILLIPS, co-anchor of the highly-rated news magazine show, "Dateline: NBC." (He's from a small town near St. Louis, Mo.) He talks about some of his exciting assignments.

 April 19


Famed Midwest trial lawyer Tom Riley tells how perjury undermines our system of justice. Plus Julie Campbell-Jordan lists some interesting events upcoming in the Heartland.

 April 12


Our food editor, Marilyn Harris, has some "eggs-traordinary" ideas for Easter. Plus Gary Edwards has a soliloquy about the season.

 April 4


Why does the Heartland have the worst water in the U.S. and what health risks does this pose for the Heartland? Gary Edwards explains. Also entertainment editor Beth Campbell updates us on gossip involving Midwest celebrities Kevin Costner, Robin Williams and Clark Gable.

MARCH 1998

 March 28


A tribute to PATSY CLINE, featuring an interview with her husband, Charlie Dick, plus Mildred Keith, the woman who took the famous "last picture" of Patsy backstage in Kansas City at the final concert 35 years ago this month.

 March 21


Ohio-born actor ROBERT URICH is featured in a heart-to-heart conversation about his triumph over life-threatening illness. An inspiring interview with an uncommonly articulate and well-read man who is a truly nice guy.

 March 14


Food writer Marilyn Harris, has some tips on preparing corned beef brisket for St. Patrick's Day. Also, a letter from listener Della McComb from Saginaw, MI talking about two-income households.

 March 7


Internet expert Dr. Yvonne Karsten talks about ways to cope with spam (unsolicited email). Famed trial lawyer Tom Riley discusses privacy. Plus we read a letter from James Ross of Boone, Ia., commenting on our earlier story on Abe Lincoln.


 Feb. 28


Garden Editor Allen Boger talks about starting seeds indoors. Mary Brooks has an essay on the approach of Spring.

 Feb. 21


South Dakota native and NBC anchorman TOM BROKAW is profiled in this wide-ranging exclusive interview with Midwest Today.

 Feb. 14


Host Gary Edwards tells of the growing threat posed by the import of foreign fruits and vegetables. Beth Campbell reports on Midwest celebs Don Johnson, Johnny Carson, and Martina McBride.

 Feb. 7


ABRAHAM LINCOLN scholar Wayne Temple, Illinois state archivist, historian, and author, tells fascinating and amusing stories about Abe (just in time for his birthday).


 Jan. 31


Garden editor Allen Boger talks about forcing bulbs to bloom indoors. Mary Brooks has an essay on winter.

 Jan. 24


(Premier of our weekly format) Fitness guru RICHARD SIMMONS talks about the problems he himself has had with dieting. Beth Campbell reports on Midwest celebs, including Oprah Winfrey, Kirstie Alley, George Clooney and Jack Benny.


 Dec. 20


A special 15-minute Christmas broadcast features an interview with performances by the LENNON SISTERS who now make Branson, Mo. home. Also, Gary Edwards has a report on how American families are losing ground in today's global economy; how cheerleading is more dangerous than football; and the effects of El Nino. There's advice on poinsettias from garden editor Allen Boger; and an essay from "Country Chronicle" columnist Mary Brooks on Winter.

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